Sunday, 30 October 2011

At sg Buloh

I went to my uncle's house with my cousin at Sg Buloh. It's my 1st time being there. That night, my uncle brought us to eat Sate Kajang and we enjoyed our night. There next morning, before my uncle go to work, he sent me and my cousin to KTM and we went to Mid valley that morning. But., unfortunately, I have to skip my Math's class since I can't go back to Tg Malim on time. But then, I went back yo college safely.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Eat Durian

I, Hanan, Yana, Ili, Zu and Jannah gathered at Sg Khar to eat durian. Somebody was sponsored that durian around RM17.00. We were eating and chatting, laughing, we forgot about our coming -due-date assignment and just enjoying our night. The one who sponsored this stack of durian is the one who want to give her friends a little something for always helping her in her ups and down in life.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Hang out in KL

I'm going to KL with my best friends and my ex-housemate. We went to Mid valley by bus. We abroad the bus that morning with smile and excitement in our heart. We went there watching movie, Raya xjadi and also enjoying our time sightseeing there, do our always hobby, window shopping and then ate Mc'Donalds burger since there aren't any Mc'D in Tg Malim. Then, we went back to college happily.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Khat Town

Every Friday's evening, there is night market at KHAR. But, since our class packed on Friday, we have classes until 5pm, we always take a walk at the market before we go back to our room.We went there buying foods and take a look align of shirt stall opened there. There's are a lot of stall opened  there such that food stall, shirt stall, accessories selling stall an so on. I enjoyed walking there with my friends.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Today is Deepavali???

I not clarify, what is the law if we wish Happy Deepavali to Hindu religious?  Do the wishes to other religious celebration make us kufur? and accept their religion? 
In my opinion, it's ok if we wish. it merely to honor but we cannot engage in any ceremony that is made. Because it's may be a practise of their religion.
Now, I still not clarify. I need to find the answers.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

'' My Day is Short, My Night is Long''

That is how I spent my Deepavali's holiday at my college, Khar, UPSI. I have many assignments must be completed, but, until this moments, I does not complete any of it. (3 chemistry lab report, kelana logbook, planning experiment, prepare for chemistry test on this Monday).  Every day, around 5 pm, I had my lunch, after that I will walk around Khar river, that's the only interesting views here... 
TOOOO BORING! I be in room, I feel like being in a box. HUH.
I miss my hometown:(...

Monday, 24 October 2011

Love Sudoku

            Sudoku is a interesting and adventure game. I start play this game since at my secondary school. When i know the trick behind this game, i'm master now in playing sudoku game. It was more interesting after i know that sudoku is the application of Algebraic Structure.Algebraic structure was the most hard subject for this semester.

DiaRy MaT desPaTch

This book was introduced by Hanan, my bff. Thanks Hanan. I doesn’t  like to read novel, but I need to read something to fill my leisure time. It was written by Baharuddin Bakeri. This book is so funny. Idlan Rayyan is mat despatch in this book. He is 24 years old and the eldest of four siblings. He graduated with degree in economics, however, he was unluck  and now he works as a mat despatch.  It’s wrote about conflicts in his life in working life, family, friendship and love.
I already finished part 1. Now, I will continue.................

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New bag and shoes

I have a good news to share in blog today. It's about my new items that i bought recently which are my new bag and shoes that I bought them at Al-Ikhsan which I went with my friends. I used to think a lot about it since I always plan the things I want to buy and I need to spent my own money to buy these things. Never mind, I think it's affordable since I collected my money little by little to buy them. I love my new shoes and bag.


                I received a red rose from my truly friend, Yana. She ordered from her housemate who a went to Cameron Highlands. I put in my room. It only breathe for one weeks. Although it was gone, i still save it.

Monday, 17 October 2011

My SecoNd EntRy:)

hye, I need to write, but I don't know what I should write... Tomorrow,  our ec class will has group presentation, we will be called randomly. So, I need to prepare well. Because I always be unlucky person, my name always been called among the first...   So, wish me luck for tomorrow. 

p/s: just now I published my post on my friend's blog, Ili Adilah... hahahahahahaa... I feel like rolling on the floor laughing.....

Sunday, 16 October 2011

My first Entry:)

Thanks to my beloved friend Ili Adilah for your help creating my blog. I need to post all my entry fully in english... arghhh... can i??? my english not too bad, hahahaha.... but i not confident on my writing. If i did any mistakes, please correct me. k. nyte...