Monday, 24 October 2011

DiaRy MaT desPaTch

This book was introduced by Hanan, my bff. Thanks Hanan. I doesn’t  like to read novel, but I need to read something to fill my leisure time. It was written by Baharuddin Bakeri. This book is so funny. Idlan Rayyan is mat despatch in this book. He is 24 years old and the eldest of four siblings. He graduated with degree in economics, however, he was unluck  and now he works as a mat despatch.  It’s wrote about conflicts in his life in working life, family, friendship and love.
I already finished part 1. Now, I will continue.................


  1. haha,buku ijjah tu makcik. die nk bwk balik raya haji neh. cpt habehkan!

  2. english please... hehehe...
    I almost finish it... I thought yours... cancel thanks 2 u... give that thanks to Izzah...huhuhu