Friday, 9 December 2011

Thanks for colouring my life

Friends might come and go in our life.  Friendship can be hard sometimes. . Friendships are probably some of the most important relationships you will have in your life. Many of your favourite memories are likely to include times you have spent with friends. Friends are possibly the people who keep us  sane.  A good friends someone who will support us no matter what situation, someone we can trust and who won't judge us, someone who won't put us  down or deliberately hurt our  feelings, but will show kindness and respect, someone who will love us  not because they feel they have to because we're their friend, but because they choose to someone whose company us enjoy and whose loyalty us can depend upon, someone who is trustworthy and not afraid to tell us the truth, no matter how hard it is sometimes, someone who can accept us  for who we are, and just lend us an ear when we need to whine or complain.
I love all my friends. Thanks for colouring my life!!!!!!

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